Welcome Homeowners!

Seaside Enterprises ~ Port Orford ("Seaside Enterprises") is a cost effective internet-based hospitality company, specializing in short-term vacation home rentals. Seaside Enterprises offers an array of vacation services that coordinate every aspect necessary in order to keep your vacation home booked, stress-free and ready for you, family members, friends and Transient Lodging* Guests to enjoy. If currently considering opening your vacation home to business and leisure travelers, or if already a Transient Lodging Proprietor, Seaside Enterprises is here to eliminate all the day-to-day hassles.

The protection of your vacation home, and the well-being of Guests, are the corner stone of Seaside Enterprises business practices and the primary reason Seaside Enterprises provides a variety of diversified, yet integrated, vacation home services. Providing garden consultation and design, yard maintenance, housekeeping, home maintenance and home repair, enables Seaside Enterprises to create a more aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior setting. We also believe a well-kept home is a more inviting, pleasant and comfortable environment with which to entertain Guests. Maintaining your home in tip-top shape not only ensures happy Guests but, ultimately, leads to an increase in revenue.

Regardless your choice of services, Seaside Enterprises guarantees a more aesthetically pleasing, harmonious and inviting atmosphere for friends, family and vacationing patrons to enjoy.

*Transient Lodging is defined as temporary human occupancy at or under 30-days.

Vacation Guest Lodging. . .

Entering into the Transient Lodging business, formerly referred to as "Short-Term Vacation Rentals," has a dual purpose: (1) The opportunity for personal unlimited use of your vacation home; and (2) The ability to gain additional income through temporary human occupancy. Consideration for opening and sharing private vacation homes can prove beneficial for a variety of reasons, including the ability to off-set mortgage payments and home maintenance expenses. Opting to open your private home to business and leisure travelers, rather than long-term renters, is the perfect solution.

Consider the wear and tear that can occur (and often does) with long-term renters. There is no doubt that good quality long-term renters are difficult, sometimes impossible, to find regardless of one's location. The potential for permanent damages to the interior and exterior of your home increases exponentially as does loss of income when monthly payments are late or a tenant stops paying rent yet continues to occupy your residence. Eviction, while necessary under the foregoing circumstances, is a costly and time consuming process. It can take up to three months to be awarded a favorable judgment, and even with a courtroom "victory," the chances of receiving compensation for back rent, time lost and court fees are slim.

Becoming a transient lodging proprietor has several benefits. First and foremost is the opportunity to produce both timely and profitable results without the myriad of hassles that can arise with "long-term" renters. Secondarily, the utilization of Seaside Enterprises services offers homeowners a one-of-a-kind and unique experience. While most vacation guest lodging businesses implement homeowner restrictions concerning the amount of time allotted for personal use, Seaside Enterprises will never set limits. We are a true CUSTOMER service-oriented company, here to offer a helping hand. By choosing Seaside Enterprises for the day-to-day operations associated with running an on-line hospitality business, homeowners are able to enhance their property value, take advantage of convenient and unlimited personal usage, increase income while off-setting expenses and circumvent issues associated with long-term occupancy. All of the foregoing with minimal effort while alleviating the remarkable amount of stress that can occur as a result of running this type of hospitality business.

Additional benefits offered by Seaside Enterprises include: (1) Advertising and Marketing; (2) VRBO creation and ongoing, daily maintenance; (3) Filing quarterly Transient Lodging Taxes required by both the City of Port Orford and the Oregon State Department of Revenue; (4) Monitoring all home activity, whether guest are present or homeowners are away, to ensure safety of home and personal property; and (5) Providing regular upkeep related to property ownership ~ just to name a few.

The Tourist Industry


According to Travel Oregon, Oregon's Official Tourism Site, "Oregon's tourism and hospitality industry is a leading contributor to the state's socio-economic success, generating $10.3 billion dollars and over 101,000 jobs per year."

The Internet has created a special niche within the tourism industry, allowing travelers quick and easy access to a wide variety of travel options. Travelers are able to select a wide variety of vacation destinations and include specific filters, narrowing search parameters, in order to locate the most favorable match based upon individual search criteria.

Local Community Support

In 2011, concerned Port Orford citizens formed the Main Street Revitalization Association, making their mission the continued beautification of Port Orford's Highway 101 business corridor ("Main Street") through the Oregon Legislature's "urban renewal" process, which provides financial assistance to cities in need of improvements due to underdevelopment or decline. Port Orford's "Main Street" enthusiasts hope to improve business retention thereby increasing the economic value of local businesses and residential property as well as encourage tourism.

In 2013, the City of Port Orford, in conjunction with Oregon state revenue officials, imposed a statewide 6% transient lodging tax to assist with funding tourism through marketing strategies. City officials implemented an additional 1% transient lodging tax, bringing the total to 7% for those renting within city limits. This 1% increase is specifically allocated for marketing Port Orford as a vacation destination with travelers paying the out-of-pocket lodging tax expense upon booking. In turn, this provides a substantial benefit to vacation lodging proprietors. Such endeavors have not only assisted with an increase in local employment opportunities but have added to Port Orford's future sustainability.

On-Line Travel Accommodations

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, customer preferences lean toward booking vacation rental properties on-line. As the homeowner's Vacation Services Coordinator, Seaside Enterprises goal is to make life easier. This is accomplished by working closely with the world leader in vacation rentals – HomeAway™ and their affiliate, VRBO™. Seaside Enterprises streamlines the booking process for both homeowners and potential guests. The benefit to you is simple; an increase in revenue and the ability to enjoy your vacation home. Business or leisure travelers benefit by being able to view multiple listings and prices, creating a more convenient venue for planning their vacation. Seaside Enterprises has 24-hours to maintain control of the decision to call and vet the traveler. This type of screening is a security measure implemented by Seaside Enterprises to provide full-charge customer service and ensure each traveler is the right fit for your home. This particular protocol was implemented in order to provide homeowners additional reassurance their vacation home is protected.


The benefits of online booking are substantial. Homeowners are allocated increased exposure, leading to increased revenue without the day-to-day hassle. The Internet allows travelers to submit and book reservations with relative ease. This is a more convenient venue for vacation planning with Seaside Enterprises providing a personal touch through friendly and knowledgeable customer service personnel. As an added bonus, Seaside Enterprises offers immediate online booking with a commitment to pay, assisting homeowners with increased bookings at an accelerated rate, while giving travelers the speed and convenience of a streamlined process.

The Seaside Enterprises Difference

Locally owned and operated, Seaside Enterprises ~ Port Orford ("Seaside Enterprises") is a professionally integrated, technologically innovative and diversified cost effective internet-based company specializing in the hospitality industry. We service our local community inhabitants through interior and exterior beautification in an effort to generate revenue for vacation lodging proprietors. We strive to deliver consistent, high quality and affordable services as unique and special as Port Orford. The attention to the smallest detail and commitment to superior customer service is what sets us apart from the competition

We offer Vacation Services that coordinate every aspect necessary to keep your vacation rental booked, stress-free and ready for both guests and homeowners to enjoy. The protection of the owner's Vacation Unit and the well-being of Guests are the corner stones of Seaside Enterprises business practices. This is the reason Seaside Enterprises offers a variety of diversified, yet integrated services. It is our job to keep your home in tip-top shape. By providing garden consultation, garden design and yard maintenance, as well as home maintenance, repair and on-call emergency services, we not only create a more aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior appeal but reassure homeowners their homes are safe, protected and maintained in their absence. Seaside Enterprises understands that a well-kept home not only encourages a successful income but happy clientele, which is why we include reliable, honest and detail oriented housekeepers in our package of services.

Whether a vacation rental proprietor, or contemplating this type of business 'adventure,' Seaside Enterprises believes there is nothing more important than the attention to detail in order to provide an exceptional guest experience. Providing a welcoming environment that allows guests to Rest, Relax and Recharge is the primary element to assist in keeping guests coming back year after year. Seaside Enterprises also understands the importance of fostering a long-term personal relationship with our clients. Creating and maintaining a successful vacation lodging business can be overwhelmingly time consuming, thereby creating undo stress, which is why our ultimate goal is to enable you to make the most revenue possible without all the busy work.

The Nutshell Principle

Seaside Enterprises interests center around the hospitality industry. More specifically, Transient Lodging Accommodations, travel and tourism.

  1. Target Audience:

    1. Vacation Guest Lodging Proprietors.

  2. Primary Focus:

    1. To provide assistance with day-to-day business transactions;
    2. To increase homeowner annual profits through continued marketing research and analysis;
    3. To increase property value through interior and exterior beautification;
    4. To increase property value through performance of quality home maintenance and repairs;
    5. To generate revenue for homeowner's new to the vacation lodging industry;
    6. To provide outstanding accommodations for business and leisure travelers; and,
    7. To maintain superior customer service 24-7/365.

Seaside Enterprises proudly offers the following services, which can be tailored to fit your specific needs, requirements and desires:

  1. Vacation Services Coordinator

    1. Seaside Enterprises goal is to make your life easier. The job of a Vacation Services Coordinator is simply to connect people with what they need; however, these tasks can be extensive. As a full-service transient lodging intermediary, the Vacation Services Coordinator plays an integral and interpersonal customer service role, which involves networking and linking resources, as well as providing customer support services to vacationing Guests. The Vacation Services Coordinator ensures your home is in optimal condition, thereby freeing up your precious time for more enjoyable activities.

  2. Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Act as a Liaison between Homeowners and Guest(s);
    2. Provide 24-Hour Reservation Services;
    3. Respond Timely to Reservation Inquiries;
    4. Process Reservations and Cancellations;
    5. Provide Customer Relations and Mediate Disputes;
    6. Provide Check-in and Check-out Services;
    7. Maintain ongoing and timely communications and responsiveness to homeowner's questions, concerns, comments and suggestions;
    8. Guarantee expectations and comments to client are clearly communicated to pertinent Seaside Enterprises staff in order to meet and exceed expectations and maintain positive relations;
    9. Ensure walk-through of Vacation Unit immediately after occupancy to report any damages or stolen property, thereby assisting with the recapture of stolen goods and Security of Home;
    10. Provide substantial investment of time researching viable advertising and marketing options for optimal transient lodging capture;
    11. Interior Design Consultations;
    12. Provide Professional, High Quality Housekeeping Services;
    13. Purchase Necessities (Standards: toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, dishwashing liquid, automatic dishwashing detergent, sponges, laundry detergent, fabric softener sheets, soap, shampoo and conditioner, and any other requests specific to the homeowner(s), in order to provide that home-away-from-home feeling;
    14. Provide "Statements of Accounting," reflective of monthly income and disbursements on or before the 101 th day of preceding months income;
    15. Arrange for Serviceman/Technicians to Perform Maintenance and Repairs when necessary;
    16. Coordinate Seasonal Home Maintenance and Repairs via Seaside Enterprises in-house Experienced and Highly Qualified Technician;
    17. Provide Home Maintenance and Repairs via Seaside Enterprises in-house Experience and Highly Qualified Technician to Handle Regular Upkeep of Home;
    18. Perform regular (bi-monthly) routine audits of the Vacation Unit's information on all accessible Websites to verify up-to-date published information is an accurate reflection of the Vacation Unit and to correct dead links. These services are usually at no additional charge, or a minimal fee, for the term of this Agreement;
    19. Assist with Permits and Licenses;
    20. Process Quarterly Transient Lodging Taxes for both the City of Port Orford and the State of Oregon Department of Revenue;
    21. Provide Updates and Addendums to the Transient Lodging Agreement;
    22. Create and Update the "Short-Term Vacation Guest Lodging Agreement" between Owner and Guest(s);
    23. Enforce Rules and Regulations Designated by the Owner's and as stated in the "Short-Term Vacation Guest Lodging Agreement."

Choosing Seaside Enterprises diversified service options alleviates all burdens associated with the daunting, yet necessary, daily business transactions and responsibilities. More importantly, utilization of Seaside Enterprises increases homeowner personal time. In turn, homeowners are able to discover (or rediscover) their passion, delve into new endeavors or simply enjoy their vacation home without the day-to-day worries.

The Seaside Enterprises Promise

Seaside Enterprises number one priority is our commitment to putting homeowner's needs first. Seaside Enterprises offers an array of services, which can be tailored to fit your specific needs, requirements and desires. We are committed:

The Seaside Enterprises Difference:

⚓ To Promoting Vacation Rentals through Online and Print Medium

⚓ To Providing Superior Customer Service

⚓ To Performing Quarterly Advertising Research and Analysis

⚓ To Increasing Annual Profits

⚓ To Performing Quarterly Marketing Research and Analysis to Ensure Competitive Nightly/Weekly/Seasonal Rates

⚓ To Maintaining High Standards of Professionalism

⚓ To Maintaining Moral and Ethical Codes of Conduct

⚓ To Hiring Only Professionl Staff Committed to Maintaining Moral and Ethical Codes of Conduct

⚓ To Consistently Delivering Guests a High Quality Vacation Guest Lodging Experience

⚓ To maintaining an at-your-fingertips guide with local activities and attractions

⚓ To continuing to provide personal touches for Guests

⚓ To offering the in-person "Meet & Greet's" upon Guest arrival

⚓ To maintaining a dynamic Website to capture the growing market of those wishing to visit the Southern Oregon and Wild River’s Coast

⚓ To remaining current on the ins-and-outs of Website design and maintenance

⚓ To maintaining and monitoring a HomeAway / VRBO Websites

⚓ To focus on the responsibilities due each homeowner and only manage as many rentals as will allow continuation of the foregoing